There is a French uprising going on. It’s not a leftist bunch of discontents. Nor is it a reactionary cultural opposition to social change. It even bigger and broader than that.  President Emmanuel Macron has failed miserably and exposed his lack of insight about all of france. His newest agenda effort was pitched as a way to save the planet, but it would effective destroy rural France’s ability to remain fiscally solv […]

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OCPA column: School-choice moms tipped FL Gov race

School-choice moms tipped governor’s raceby Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA)

Why did 100,000 African-American women in Florida vote for Trump-backed Republican Ron DeSantis over Andrew Gillum, a Democrat vying t…

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Citizen Trump

President Trump says he’ll end birthright citizenship. That’s the deal where immigrants give birth after entering the country illegally. The baby is a U.S. citizen according to the 14th amendment to the constitution. At least that’s what the WSJ it says means in an editorial “Rewriting the 14th Amendment.” But according to Trump that’s not what it

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Mark Penn is a pollster and analyst. He was the chief strategist for both Bill and Hillary’s presidential campaigns. NY Magazine calls him a Trump loving “sleaze ball.” Here’s why: He recently made the point  that Trump makes promises and mostly keeps them. But Democrats only agenda is to impeach Trump.  

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FGST Book Review:  Testing Prayer by Candy Gunther Brown and a testimony too

Having had polio at age 2 (now 66), health and healing has been a lifelong priority as you can well imagine.  My personal experiences will probably color my review of the book, Testing Prayer by Candy Gunther Brown, so you should be aware of that.  A short version of my journey would be that around […]

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Book Review: Testing Prayer by Candy Gunther Brown and a testimony too

Trump Base Battle

The economy  is booming but the Trump base is taking a hit. GM is shutting down Chevy Cruze production at its 6 million square foot Lordstown plant. And Reason says the billion dollar cost of steel and other tariffs might have something to do with it. Steel workers are an important part of the Trump

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Congressman Hern announces key staff hirings

Congressman Kevin Hern Announces Key Staff

Washington, DC — Congressman Kevin Hern (OK-1) released the following statement announcing the hiring of numerous staff for both his DC and District offices.“I have worked hard since Election Day to assemble a…

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