OKGOP Barred From Suspending Rules In Their Effort To Throw Out Rules

  The State GOP Chairman, Pam Pollard, is attempting to suspend the party bylaws in her effort to push through votes on several fundamental changes in how the OKGOP is structured, led, and what role ordinary citizens can have, in the political process.  She failed to give the mandated 10 days notice of the amendments which county Republican Conventions have produced. Some of those county amendment proposals weren’t even created until 6 days before the state […]

Sooner Politics:  Pollard Sends OKGOP Delegates A Tardy Report Of 12 Party Rule Change Ideas

OKGOP Chairman, Pam Pollard has failed to attend to a very important matter. Her unique duties include the matter of notifying County Delegations of very serious issues which will be attended to at an upcoming State Convention. It’s beyond mystifying that a woman with so much history in the party and so much experience at the state’s highest party leadership, would ignore so many phone calls and reminders from county officials about the need to send out notices of proposed amendments to our part […]

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Trump Tells the Truth: Sanctions Cause People to SufferWritten by Ron Paul
Monday April 1, 2019

This week President Trump admitted what the Washington policy establishment of both parties would rather be kept quiet. Asked why he intervened to block a new round of sanctions on North Korea, he told the media that he believes the people of North Korea have suffered enough. “They are suffering greatly in North Korea…And I just didn’t think additional sanctions at this time were necessary,” he said.

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R3publicans:  How to end our national nightmare — probe Hillary Clinton again

How to end our national nightmare — probe Hillary Clinton again

By Michael Goodwin

Now that special counsel Robert Mueller has completed his investigation, it is tempting to breathe a sigh of relief and assume that our long national nightmare is over. Resist the temptation, the assumption is false.

We are not close to the end. Not by a long shot.

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R3publicans:  There Will Be No Repercussions for the Media’s RussiaGate Conspiracy Theorists

The Mueller report’s conclusions are bound to fuel conservative critics of the media and make any exposures of actual wrongdoing less impactful, as the president will be able to brush it off as another example of fake news.

by Alan Macleod

March 25th, 2019

WASHINGTON – Friday marked the end of months of speculation, as Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller delivered his report into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election to the attorney general. The headline conclusion of Mueller’s report was reported far and wide: there would be no new indictments for collusion. As the New York Times reported, Mueller “would not recommend new indictments, a statement aimed at ending speculation that Mr. Trump or other key figures might be charged down the line.”

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R3publicans:  Mr. MAGA and the End of Western Civilization

The Saker • March 15, 2019•

Folks in the West are taught that their civilization has its roots in ancient Rome and/or ancient Greece. This is more a case of self-aggrandizement than serious historical research. While it is true that the city of Rome was sacked in 410 AD, the Christian Roman civilization continued in the East for another 1000 years until 1453. The real roots of what we nowadays call the western civilization are to be traced back to the following time periods:

  1. Most ancient (theoretical) roots: the early Frankish Merovingian Kingdom (481–751) and Carolingian empire (751–843).
  2. Formative roots: the so-called “Holy Roman Empire” (800-1806) which was “Roman” only in name (this term appeared only in the XIIIth century; in French it is called more accurately “Saint-Empire romain germanique” but it really ought to be called the “Germanic Empire”, since it was neither “Roman” nor “Holy”).
  3. Modern (ideological) roots: Renaissance, French Revolution, WWI, WWII, Cold War.

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