R3publicans:  Mr. MAGA and the End of Western Civilization

The Saker • March 15, 2019•

Folks in the West are taught that their civilization has its roots in ancient Rome and/or ancient Greece. This is more a case of self-aggrandizement than serious historical research. While it is true that the city of Rome was sacked in 410 AD, the Christian Roman civilization continued in the East for another 1000 years until 1453. The real roots of what we nowadays call the western civilization are to be traced back to the following time periods:

  1. Most ancient (theoretical) roots: the early Frankish Merovingian Kingdom (481–751) and Carolingian empire (751–843).
  2. Formative roots: the so-called “Holy Roman Empire” (800-1806) which was “Roman” only in name (this term appeared only in the XIIIth century; in French it is called more accurately “Saint-Empire romain germanique” but it really ought to be called the “Germanic Empire”, since it was neither “Roman” nor “Holy”).
  3. Modern (ideological) roots: Renaissance, French Revolution, WWI, WWII, Cold War.

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Sooner Politics: Endorsement -- Nicole Nixon For Tulsa School Board

On April 2nd, many impacting elections will shape local Oklahoma communities, schools, and property tax rates.Tulsans have a chance to turn a corner on the educational policy nonsense has offended the sensibilities of the Tulsa area. Superintendent Gist has systematically undermined common sense for years with her social policy and cultural revolution. Parents & grandparents can finally do something about it. For too long there has been an absence of common sense […]

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Midwest Apocalypse: 1 Million Acres Of US Farmland Devastated By Floods

We have never seen anything like this before. According to satellite data that was just released by Reuters, “at least 1 million acres of U.S. farmland” were covered by water for at least seven days this month. That is an agricultural disaster without equal in modern American history, and yet the mainstream media is treating this like it is some sort of second class story. It isn’t.

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SPLC on Life-Support: Former Staffer Quits, Calls Organization a Scam in Tell-All Article

The Southern Poverty Law Center was long ago exposed as money-making scam.

It has amassed almost half-a-billion dollars fighting an imaginary tide of “hate” that is ever “rising,” which provides the twin benefits of bringing in that money and advancing the totalitarian goals of the radical Left. Topping that agenda is demonizing any opposition to the Left as “hate,” be it racism, homophobia, transphobia, and Islamophobia.

But last week, the discredited group fired its co-founder, Morris Dees, a shocker in the “civil rights community” that opened the door to discussing exactly who Dees is and what goes on at SPLC, also called the Poverty Palace.

Few private organizations can match the Southern Poverty Law Center when it comes to hypocrisy and malign influence, though Media Matters for America might be close. In a development shocking only to its leftist true believers, the founder and most prominent public face of the group, Morris Dees, was fired for unspecified reasons. The Montgomery Advertiser, the home town paper where it is located, reported:

more info here https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/03/if_there_is_an_justice_the_firing_of_its_founder_should_to_launch_the_collapse_and_liquidation_of_the_southern_poverty_law_center.html

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Here is my Facebook post regarding the New Zealand shooter’s manifesto that got taken down for violating Facebook’s Community Standards:I’ve read at least a dozen articles that reference the New Zealand shooter’s manifesto.  They all follow the sa…

Vaccine Awareness in Tulsa

Karen Cuellar, who will be facilitating Liberty on Tap’s next Gathering on Thursday, April 4th, recently brought attention to the obvious effort to manipulate the public about the measles vaccination: “The year measles was declared eradicat…

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