Education Union's Top Picks For Politicians They Can Buy OR ... Don't Bite the Apple

  There’s a powerful group of labor activists trying to grow the public education industry in Oklahoma. “Oklahomans For Public Education” has been bolstered by recent special election wins and they’re convinced that the teacher’s unions can help bring back the democrat Party. But even if that doesn’t happen, they already control enough Republican politicians to make some headway until the Democrats come back to life.​  Political organizer, Kirk Shelley has intercepted what appea […]

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[Editor’s note:  Sometimes it is as helpful to know who not to vote for when you understand who is doing the endorsements.  A veritable who’s who list of who NOT to vote for… do not bite the apple on this one!/sc]

Gary Jones endorses Pemberton for SD9

State Auditor Gary Jones has endorsed Senate District 9 candidate Dewayne Pemberton.”State Auditor Gary Jones, Oklahoma’s no nonsense watchdog, supports Dewayne Pemberton for State Senator. We need more citizen legislators that bring common sense …

Ted Cruz endorses Carl Parson for HD8

Texas Senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz has waded into the four-man Republican primary in House District 8, and endorsed candidate Carl Parson.House District 8 is currently held by term-limited Democrat Ben Sherrer. HD8 (map) cove…

Sell Guns to ISIS

Last week Senate Republicans voted to deny the executive branch the power to revoke second amendment rights without due process.  Leading Democrats accused Republicans of wanting to sell guns to ISIS. Sell Guns to Mexican Drug Cartel Early in the Obama administration ATF actually did sell weapons to members of the Mexican Drug cartel. The program was

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Encouraging the Practice of Debate

I wrote an article in 2011 about a new, disturbing trend of political correctness which I strongly believed presented a real danger to the ability of policymakers to engage in honest and open debate.Here’s what happened.The Oklahoma Constitution states that legislators shall not be questioned in any other place for any speech or debate in the Legislature. According to the Constitution, th…

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Oklahoma for Vaccine and Health Choice -- Red is for STOP and Green is for GO! - Endorsements for Primary 2016

OVHC-PAC endorses the following candidates based on the criteria above. (see more on their website):

[Editor’s note:  Pay attention to the color coding and understand that

Green is for Good – Go vote for them;

Red is for Stop – think about it and do NOT vote for them.

I did not understand when I first looked at the list so I simply stress this concept here for all our readers/sc]

PAC Endorsement list on google docs here >>>

Partial listing below for key races – more complete information on google docs link (above).

OKGrassroots — Oklahoma for Vaccine and Health Choice — Red is for STOP and Green is for GO! – Endorsements for Primary 2016

In the race for House District 13 (map), State Rep. George Faught (R-Muskogee) has endorsed Al Stevens in the Republican primary:”It is my privilege to endorse Al Stevens for State Representative for House District 13. I have known Al for man…

Dark Money: Who Is 'Catalyst Oklahoma'? Why Do they Support Big Govt.?

Under layers of paperwork, Trever Brown digs deep to find out who’s trying to buy elections, and What kind of return they expect from the investment.   One of the more powerful ‘Dark Money’ groups spending massive thousands in the primary election is a political action committee called ‘Catalyst Oklahoma’. Investigative journalist, Trevor Brown, has done a fair amount of work to expose the secretive group and who the group […]

Sheriff Regalado Violates More Reporting Laws, In Election

  The Tulsa County Election Board now says that Sheriff Regalado never did file the important document which declares his personal family financials (assets, net worth, etc.) when he first sought elective office. Rarely does an opponent ever bother to look at the other candidates’ documents. But this campaign has too many questions and it’s looking more shady in the last days of the race.  When a citizen decides to run for public office, he files 3 initial reports:Declaration of candi […]