OK2A Meeting in OKC November 20th - Don Spencer presenting OK2A Survivor Award

The Oklahoma Second Amendment Association will meet at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, November 20th in OKC at H&H Shooting Sports, 400 S. Vermont Ave, Ste. 110, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108. (I-40 & Meridian)

Don Spencer, President of OK2A, will be hosting this meeting and will be presenting the OK2A Survivor Award to the Mother, her daughters and their friend (who will be present) who sustained life-threatening injuries from the shooting on May 24th, 2018 at Louie’s Bar & Grill on Lake Hefner. You do not want to miss this meeting!

Don will be giving an update on the recent Oklahoma mid-term elections.

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Amazon Tax Breaks

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, just got $2 billion in tax breaks to move his company to New York and Washington, DC. The L.A. Times says Amazon played American cities for suckers.

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President Pro Tem-designate Treat launches LOFT

President Pro Tem-designate Greg Treat files bill creating legislative watchdog office

Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency (LOFT) will evaluate agency spending and performance.

Senate President Pro Tem-designate Greg Treat on Thursday filed le…

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Self-induced DISASTER: California fires the direct result of shortsighted environmentalist policies that prohibit forest management

(Natural News) Actions have consequences, and bad actions often have bad consequences. In much the same way that liberal policies have burned Venezuela’s economy to the ground, California environmentalist policies have unleashed a catastrophic fire that has so far claimed the lives of 11 people and countless animals.

This is what liberal policies always lead to: Destruction, pain, suffering and death.

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R3publicans/LA Times:  Trump says he is likely to support ending blanket federal ban on marijuana

President Trump said he likely will support a congressional effort to end the federal ban on marijuana, a major step that would reshape the pot industry and end the threat of a Justice Department crackdown.

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[Editor’s note: With Sessions gone, this article takes on renewed relevance!/sc]

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MuskogeePolitico:  Election Results Maps -- Oklahoma Legislature

I’ve had a busy week since election day, so I’m pretty far behind on posting about the results. Here are two maps illustrating the election results and new partisan makeup in the Oklahoma Legislature.First up, the Oklahoma State House:On a night when m…

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Sooner Politics:  The 'Wizards' Behind The OKGOP Curtain

  As the identity of the massive Republican presence dominates Oklahoma government for another election cycle, the core organization of the OKGOP is finding a sharp disconnect between the party structure and tenants; and the elected officials who are tapped by the voters to carry out those principles in office.  The biggest reason for that is because the party no longer manages the campaigns or the candidates, themselves. Rather; the candidates hire their o […]

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Democrat’s Suburban Shift

David Montgomery at CityLab has a killer map showing suburban congressional districts represented by Democrats. They’re a big chunk of the country. And he says almost all of the 33 seats Democrats picked up on Tuesday were in suburban districts: Democrats retook the House of Representatives on the back of a suburban surge Tuesday, remaking

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