Sooner Politics: House & Senate Whips Call Out Gov. Fallin For Bad Faith & Incompetence

 The Senate Majority Whip, Nathan Dahm, recently discussed the bad behavior and instability of the current governor, Mary Fallin.  Dahm spoke early Monday morning on Tulsa Talk Radio KFAQ. In that conversation with host Pat Campbell, a clip from the Sunday evening interview with House Majority Whip, Terry O’Donnell was referenced.   Both the Senate & House leaders are navigating their course as we speak.   Senator Dahm suggests a possible call of the House…

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R3publicans: Who Gets to Push the Nuclear Button?

Paul Craig Roberts

William Binney is the former National Security Agency (NSA) official who created NSA’s mass surveillance program for digital information. He says that if the Russian government had conspired with Trump, hacked the Democratic National Committee’s computer, or in any way influenced the outcome of the last US presidential election, the National Security Agency would have the digital evidence. The fact that we have been listening to the unsubstantiated charges that comprise “Russiagate” for more than one year without being presented with a scrap of evidence is complete proof that Russiagate is entirely fake news.


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Sooner Politics: Guest Opinion: Is It Time For Fallin To Go?

With the news of Gov. Fallin vetoing the budget that came out of the special session a few days ago, there were a lot of livid people across the state. I think many were faced with one primary lingering question including some elected officials: Is it time to talk about impeaching the governor of Oklahoma? If you live in the state of Oklahoma, you may be aware of the special session that has been dragging on for weeks. Lawmakers, including Governor Fall […]

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Jason Murphey: Still Relevant Words of Wisdom

I have made it a practice to keep on file notable correspondence both written and emailed. From time to time, I go through these archives. Some of this correspondence is quite timeless and still relevant.I encountered the text of one such letter as I…

R3publicans: Financial Tyranny

by John W. Whitehead November 16, 2017

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.

― Frédéric Bastiat, French economist

Americans can no longer afford to get sick and there’s a reason why.


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