Julie Daniels and Jean Oliver, both Republican candidates for state Senate District 29, answered questions Monday night during a forum sponsored by the Green Country Republican Women’s Club, held in the Bartlesville City Council chambers.

The event was moderated by Charlie Taraboletti of Bartlesville Radio, and was standing room only. The candidates answered questions ranging from the struggling state budget, education and criminal justice reform.

– See more at: Examiner Enterprise Article on Senate District 29

Finding Gems and Sharing Them – Senate District 29 Event with Daniels and Oliver via Examiner Enterprise Report


The idea for this one crept into my head while I was reading the  NYT story by David Samuels about “Obama’s foreign policy guru” Ben Rhodes. Rhodes bragged about planting a false narrative about the Iran nuclear deal to make the agreement seem more palatable to the American public. He claimed that the election of Iranian moderates is what sparked the deal. In reality President Obama sparked

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OKGrassroots Feature Post – Vaxxed (OKC)

Congressman Jim Bridenstine Invites Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt to Testify

Congressman Jim Bridenstine invited Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to testify on the impact Obama Administration regulations are having on the state of Oklahoma.  The hearing topic is “The Impact of EPA’s Clean Power Plan on States.”

The Congressman chaired a hearing of the Environment Subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on Thursday at 9:30 AM (Eastern Time).  Pruitt will be the lead witness.  Also testifying will be Brianne Gorod, Chief Counsel, Constitutional Accountability Center, and Charles McConnell, Executive Director, Energy and Environment Initiative, Rice University.

Bridenstine said, “I am pleased to have Attorney General Scott Pruitt testify.  He has been an outspoken advocate for states’ rights against this egregiously overreaching Administration.  The EPA’s Clean Power Plan will have a dramatic, negative impact on our state of Oklahoma and the entire nation – all for very little benefit.”

Pruitt commented, “Both the democratic process and the constitution have been ignored in the EPA’s effort to implement the Administration’s Clean Power Plan by rule.”

You can watch the full hearing here >>> OKGrassroots – Congressman Jim Bridenstine Invites Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt to Testify

A Grand Lake Political Debate

[Editorial Note: H/T to Elaine Nickelson for a tremendous article covering in depth this important debate/conversation – be sure to read the entire report especially if you live in this HD5/sc]

House District 5 Candidate Forum to select a replacement for Rep. Cox By Elaine Nickelson   

Representative Doug Cox (R-Grove) is term-limited and there are three candidates vying in the Republican Primary for his position.    On Monday evening, May 23, the Republican candidates took part in a forum with questions fielded by Pastor Robert Carter, Chair of the Delaware County GOP.  Approximately 80 people attended the event at NewSong Chu […]

Legislative Leaders Find A Budget Agreement

​  After wrangling for massive new taxes and other relentless fee increases, the 2016 is nearing an end. The session concludes within 3 days and the budget has been announced. We’re posting it up for all to peruse through…​  John Tidwell, director of Americans for Prosperity Oklahoma, said that the outcome, though not ideal, met AFP’s two principal aims for this session — no Obamacare Medicaid expansion, no tax rate increases:Oklahoma State Fiscal Year 2017 Appropriations&n […]

Horowitz: Fallin named co-chair of RNC Platform Committee as reward for betrayal

Liberal Mary Fallin Appointed Co-Chair of RNC Platform Committee

Here is an anecdote that perfectly exemplifies the state of play within the modern day Republican Party.

Oklahoma is easily among the most conservative states, if not THE most conservative state, in the country.  Yet, because we live under a political oligarchy, the most conservative state cannot even stop the most extreme leftist concepts, namely, that men are women too.

Liberty Counsel blasts Fallin’s veto of pro-life bill

Governor Fallin’s Despicable Betrayal

OKLAHOMA CITY — [On May 20th] Governor Mary Fallin vetoed SB 1552 which would allow for the revocation of medical licenses for doctors who perform abortions after viability. The measure has an exception to save the life of the mother. The Oklahoma Senate passed the bill yesterday 33-12.

SB 1552 was authored by Sen. Nathan Dahm. Yet this legislation was initiated by a local pastor, Paul Blair, with the support and guidance of Liberty Counsel. Mat Staver met with the Attorney General, Governor Fallin and members of the House and  the Senate to discuss the proposed bill late last year. The governor approved the bill and gave her assurance she was behind it…

So Governor Fallin (Bloody Mary) vetoed legislation today which would have made it a felony for a doctor to murder an unborn baby, vetoed a bill which would have allowed property owners day or night to kill feral hogs and vetoed a gun rights bill. Bloody Mary values the lives of wild pigs over innocent unborn children.

If Oklahoma is the Reddest state in the nation, it’s not because of a Republican Super Majority it’s due to the blood of innocent unborn children!
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